News Update! BPP University | Extended CAS Deadline for March 2024 Intake

In a bid to accommodate prospective students and offer them ample time to complete their applications.

BPP University has announced an extension of the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) deadline for its March 2024 intake.

This move aims to provide candidates with greater flexibility and ensure that they have sufficient time to prepare for their chosen courses.

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BPP CAS Deadline Extension Details

The original deadline for submitting CAS applications was looming, but BPP University has graciously extended it to February 15, 2024. This extension offers a lifeline to students who may have faced unexpected delays or require more time to gather necessary documentation. It's a proactive step from the university to support applicants in navigating the sometimes complex admissions process.

BPP University Available Courses for March Intake 2024

Prospective students have a wide array of courses to choose from for the March 2024 intake.
These include:

MSc Management

A comprehensive program designed to equip students with essential management skills to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

MSc Management (Project Management)

Focused on developing expertise in project planning, execution, and management, ideal for aspiring project managers.

MSc Management (Digital Marketing)

Explore the world of digital marketing and learn how to leverage online platforms to drive business growth.

MSc Management (Data Analytics)

Dive into the realm of big data and analytics, mastering techniques to extract valuable insights for informed decision-making.

LLM International Business and Commercial Law

Delve into the complexities of international business law, preparing for a career in global commerce and legal practice.

MSc Healthcare Leadership

Develop leadership skills tailored to the healthcare sector, preparing to drive innovation and excellence in healthcare management.

MSc Healthcare Leadership (Nursing)

Specifically designed for nursing professionals aspiring to leadership roles, combining clinical expertise with management acumen.

Why Choose BPP University?

BPP University stands out for its commitment to delivering high-quality education tailored to the needs of today's industries. With a focus on practical skills and industry relevance, BPP's courses are designed to empower students with the knowledge and expertise they need to excel in their chosen fields.

Moreover, BPP University boasts experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, providing students with valuable insights and guidance throughout their academic journey. The university's strong industry connections also facilitate opportunities for internships, placements, and networking, enhancing students' prospects for career advancement upon graduation.


With the extension of the CAS deadline for the March 2024 intake, aspiring students have been given a golden opportunity to secure their spot at BPP University. Whether you're interested in management, law, or healthcare leadership, there's a course tailored to your aspirations. Don't miss out on this chance to embark on a transformative academic journey at BPP University – apply now and take the first step towards a successful career!