Glasgow Caledonian University Extends Special Opportunity for January Intake 2024 Visa Delays

In recognition of the challenges faced by students experiencing delays in visa processing from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), Glasgow Caledonian University is extending a special opportunity exclusively for those who have received Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for the January Intake 2024. This special provision ensures that students facing such visa delays can still pursue their academic aspirations at Glasgow Caledonian University, notwithstanding the unforeseen circumstances affecting their arrival.

For eligible students with confirmed CAS for the January Intake 2024, this presents a unique chance to commence their academic journey at a later date, ensuring that their educational goals remain within reach despite external circumstances.

We understand the importance of flexibility and support during these challenging times, and we remain committed to providing every student with the opportunity to realize their academic dreams.

To take advantage of this special opportunity, eligible students are encouraged to reach out to our admissions team for further assistance and guidance.

Glasgow Caledonian University stands ready to welcome and support students as they embark on their academic endeavors, regardless of the obstacles they may face along the way.

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GCU London Campus Courses May Intake 2024

  1. MSc International Management and Business Development
  2. MSc International Marketing
  3. Master of Public Health

GCU Glasgow Campus Courses May Intake 2024

  1. MSc International Business Management
  2. MSc International Business Management with Professional Practice

These meticulously designed programs provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills essential for thriving in today's global business landscape.

Exclusive Opportunity for Visa-Delayed Students

If you are facing delays in your UKVI visa processing, seize this exclusive opportunity to pursue your academic and professional goals at Glasgow Caledonian University. Our flexible enrollment options and dedicated support services ensure a smooth transition into your chosen program.


Certainly! The conclusion emphasizes the importance of seizing the opportunity presented by Glasgow Caledonian University for students with UKVI visa delays and confirmed CAS for the January Intake 2024. It highlights the significance of not missing out on this exclusive chance to pursue academic ambitions despite challenges. This reinforces the message that despite facing obstacles, students should take advantage of the support and opportunity provided by the university to fulfill their educational aspirations.