University of Bedfordshire Extends June Intake 2024 Important Deadlines!

Great news for students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad! The University of Bedfordshire has recently announced an extension to its application deadlines for the June intake of 2024.
This extension comes as a welcome opportunity for those who may have missed out on the January intake or are still contemplating their educational journey. With this new development, students from around the world have an extended window to apply to one of the UK's leading educational institutions, renowned for its diverse academic programs and supportive learning environment.
As the deadline approaches, now is the perfect time to seize this opportunity and embark on a transformative academic experience at the University of Bedfordshire.

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Application Deadline June Intake 2024

The University of Bedfordshire has pushed back its deadline for applications to the June intake of 2024. If you're an international student looking to join this esteemed institution, you now have until February 16, 2024, to submit your application.

Initial Fee Deposit Deadline June Intake 2024

The deadline for deposit payments has also been extended to February 23, 2024. These extensions provide a lifeline for students who may have encountered delays or uncertainties in their application process, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to pursue their academic aspirations at Bedfordshire University.  

Why Choose Bedfordshire?

Wondering why you should consider studying at the University of Bedfordshire? Well, there are plenty of reasons! From its wide range of academic programs to its vibrant campus community, Bedfordshire University offers an enriching educational experience like no other. Whether you're interested in business, engineering, arts, or sciences, there's something here for everyone. Plus, with its strong focus on student support and career development, Bedfordshire equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's competitive job market.

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Hurry Up! & Apply Now!

The clock is ticking, so don't delay! If you're interested in joining the University of Bedfordshire for the June intake of 2024, now is the time to take action. Whether you're ready to submit your application or you have questions about the process, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to pursue your academic dreams